Frequently asked questions

1. Can I Purchase Online?

Yes, if you see a piece of jewellery that you are interested in contact us either via email or call us at 08 6161 1300.

2. How do I Pay?

You can pay over the phone or online banking, contact us via email or call us at 08 6161 1300 for more details. We accept most credit cards institutions.

3. Do you courier Interstate & Overseas?

Yes, we do. We usually send goods via Registered Post or International Registered Post with signature on delivery as well as online tracking. Shipping and handling costs will vary depending on destination.

4. Are there any Payment Options?

Certainly, you are welcome to use our in-house lay-by system which is usually up to 3 months depending on the value of the jewellery.

5. How long does it take to Re-size a Ring?

Re-sizing is dependent on how complex the ring design is. For a simple Platinum, White or Yellow Gold band it usually takes 10 Business days. Diamond rings can take a longer time.

6. Do you Remodel or Refurbish Jewellery?

Yes. We Rhodium Plate White Gold, reset Diamonds & Gemstones, Re-tip Claws and we also offer great advice if we are not able to service your jewellery.

7. Can I bring my own Loose Diamond?

Generally we do not make ring mounts if the loose diamonds are not purchased from us. However if an international diamond laboratory with Laser Inscription certifies your diamond we may be able to help!

8. What is your turn-around time for Custom Makes?

Custom Makes are dependent on how complex the ring designs are. For a simple 4 - 6 Claw Solitaire Diamond Ring, our estimate time for completion would be around 5 Weeks. This turn-around time does not include the Diamond search or ring mount design.

9. Do you work with Platinum?

Yes, we do. Platinum being a pure element, is a very dense precious metal and is heavier than 18K Yellow Gold. These characteristics make working with Platinum more challenging and sometimes may take longer to create.

10. Certification & Valuation

In-store certification is available upon request, this validates the authenticity of the jewellery purchased. However, a Valuation for insurance purposes is separate and prices vary according to the value of the jewellery.

11. More Questions?

Please email us at info@jewelsconnection.com.au or call us on 08 6161 1300. The best thing to do is to visit us in store at 156 Rokeby Road Subiaco!.