Diamonds are found naturally in mines all over the world. However, they are not discovered as a shiny, brilliant & enchanting as you see in our stores. They are meticulously cut, polished and shaped according to the rough diamond. From the rough diamond to finish they are cared for by almost 200 pairs of hands until they arrive to you. Each individual naturally formed diamond has to be assessed to maximised the yield where by shape also know as the cut, colour, clarity and size are taken into consideration.

Discover all diamond shapes from and select what you preferences are from;

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • Princess Cut Diamonds
  • Emerald Cut Diamonds
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds
  • Pear Shaped Diamonds
  • Oval Diamonds
  • Marquise Diamonds
  • Radiant Cut Diamonds
  • Heart Shaped Diamonds

Choose from the most popular styles from Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Pear Shaped Diamonds and Oval Diamonds. Or for something more special and unique, design your own diamond ring from Heart Shaped Diamonds, Marquise Diamonds, and Cushion Cut Diamonds.


There are a number of professional diamond grading laboratories, which will give you the diamond information in detail. They outline the basic principles of the 4 C's which are Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat and they provide further diamond characteristics in their professional grading certificates. It is our opinion that you do all your research to the best of your ability and we are more than happy to assist you in the search of your perfect diamond.

Please visit the official Gemological Institute of America website and the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) Antwerp - these resources are the ideal starting points for your diamond research and then allow us at Jewels Connection, Subiaco to follow through with your findings and preferences.


Credits to John Mann, Diamond Macro Pty Ltd.